Snowboarding/Skiing Injuries

Skiing Injuries

Though ski boots are strong and protective, due to the nature of the sport, the ankle, lower leg and foot may still be susceptible to injuries or pathologies.  Ankle injuries in skiers typically involve ligaments of the ankle joint or fractures of the lower leg and ankle, particularly if the bindings do not release during a fall or accident.  Often common foot pathologies such as neuromas and bone spurs can be aggravated by tight fitting ski boots, causing pain during and outside of skiing.

Snowboarder’s Ankle

Snowboarder’s tend to have more ankle injuries than skiers, due to the movement allowed in their boots compared to the hard structure of ski boots. Often ankle sprains and fractures are due to excessive flexion of the ankle, particularly when landing a jump or the ankle position during a fall.

 A “snowboarder’s fracture” occurs on the lateral process of the Talus, and may be confused for an ankle sprain. Pain typically presents on the outside of the foot and ankle, along with swelling and bruising.  Ruling out the “snowboarder’s fracture” can be difficult, as the fracture isn’t always visible with X-ray and may require further imaging such as a CT Scan. 

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