Denver Broncos J.D. Walton broken ankle.

    Denver Broncos center J.D. Walton appears to have broke his ankle during Sunday's win against the Raiders. He was hit from behind by Raiders defensive end Jack Crawford during a tackle. Head Coach John Fox has not released  how severe the injury is but has said that J.D. is likely to be out for the rest of this season.This would have been devastating for the Broncos if they had not signed Dan Kopper just last month, he was the center for the Patriots during their Super Bowl victory in 2003-2004 and their 16-0 regular season in 2007-2008. Kopper who is not used to coming off of the bench has said " No, that was the first time (coming in cold) it's different coming off the bench. It's a shame it happened the way it did with J.D. he plays the game the right way".

    J.D. Walton has only missed one snap in the last 37 games up until last night. Peyton Manning has said "I'm absolutely sick about J.D. Walton and his potetial injury. I haven't heard the oficial (prognosis) but it sure didn't look good out there. I know how hard he has worked. My heart go's out to him". J.D. said that he is "disappointed in the injury, but the guys did a great job and i'm glad we got the win and got back on the right track".

    Due to the lack of information coming from the Broncos, it is hard to tell how severe the break is. When we get more details we will post treatment info.